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Deon Booker, CEO of ValetPress

Hi, I'm Deon Booker, CEO of ValetPress

Together with my  co-founders Tina & Peter, we started ValetPress to empower businesses like yours with one-stop access to quality uniform laundry service, work apparel, along with the essential products and resources you need to launch, manage, or grow your business.

We understand the business environment

because it’s part of who we are: My family owned and operated several restaurants in Long Beach.  I grew up helping my parents manage and grow their business, while Tina worked in all aspects of her parent’s agriculture business, and Peter served in executive positions across various industries.

We get you because we are you, and we know what’s at stake.

We understand that managing and growing a business is hard work because we’re in that moment now. In early 2020, we officially launched the company after losing my job during the pandemic, and while Tina & Peter saw their work hours significantly cut during the global downturn. It was a hard winding journey. People thought we were crazy for starting a business during a downturn. We grew slowly at first, with a few setbacks along the way: like the massive product shortages that impacted the US supply chain during the pandemic. But we evolved our business over a short time from a simple eCommerce site with just a few products to now providing companies with access to quality uniform laundry service combined with a powerful Online Marketplace by listening hard to our customers and innovating quickly to meet their needs. And, we stayed true to ourselves along the way. Today, we serve business customers from every corner of the country with a global supply chain of over 1.5 million products to provide our customers with what they need, when they need it most.

While our business continues to grow, one thing stays the same: our mission to empower local businesses. 

Our company is built to support (you) business owners, managers, and operators. It’s power at your fingertips that frees you up to focus more on what you love to do.

The Team

Deon Booker, CEO of ValetPress LLC
Deon Booker, CEO
Tina Sechao, COO of ValetPress
Tina Saechao, COO
Peter Vegh, CTO

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