ValetPress – Valets

At ValetPress, we are proud to provide people with flexible work opportunities that allow them to be their own boss, make meaningful money, and explore their community. As someone who delivers using the ValetPress platform (a “Valet”), you will regularly interact with merchants and customers to make great deliveries happen every day.

Because we value our business relationship with you, we want to be clear, upfront, and transparent about the kinds of activities that can lead to your account being deactivated from the ValetPress Platform and how the process of account deactivation works. Below, you can find our deactivation policy and related process. If you have additional questions about ValetPress, please email us:



Customers who place an order through ValetPress are asked to rate each delivery on a scale of one to five stars. Ratings are critical to the success of the ValetPress platform because they allow Customers to help ensure that the deliveries completed through the platform are high in quality. Valets that are consistently late, deliver orders with missing items, or behave unprofessionally, typically receive lower ratings.

How it affects you:

To continue using the ValetPress platform, you must maintain a certain Customer Rating.ValetPress has minimum thresholds for Rating and Completion Rate. The minimum rating is 4.2 and the minimum Completion rate is 70%. Valets who fall below any of these thresholds may be subject to deactivation.  You are responsible for monitoring your rating. However, as a courtesy we may let you know if your rating starts falling near the threshold level. If your rating falls below the threshold, your account may be deactivated.



The Acceptance Rate is the percent of times a Valet accepts a delivery that is offered to him or her through the app. Before a Valet decides whether to accept a delivery opportunity, the Valet app provides a number of key facts about the order including the name of the merchant, the destination of the delivery and pay for the order.

As independent contractors, Valets have the right to decline any delivery opportunity offered to them; however, by accepting an order for delivery they are agreeing to complete that delivery. The Completion Rate is the percent of deliveries that a Valet completes of those that they accepted.  

How it affects you:

While by accepting an order for delivery you are agreeing to complete the delivery, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances may arise when you’re on a dash, so you have the right to occasionally not complete deliveries after you accept them, as long as you do so before you pick up the items to be delivered. To continue using the ValetPress platform, however, you must maintain the minimum 70% Completion Rate.   You are responsible for monitoring your Completion Rate. However, as a courtesy we may let you know if your Completion Rate starts falling near the threshold level. If your Completion Rate falls below the threshold, your account may be deactivated.


At ValetPress, the safety of Valets, merchants and consumers that use the ValetPress platform is paramount. We want to make sure you feel safe when performing deliveries, that merchants feel comfortable working with Valets, and that consumers never need to be concerned about opening their door to send or receive their orders.

Creating an unsafe environment for anyone on the platform is grounds for immediate deactivation. These behaviors include, but are not limited to:

●     Violence or inappropriate behavior, including abusive language – Exhibiting objectively unsafe behavior, including physical or verbal assault of a consumer, merchant, another Valet, or any other person.

●     Use of alcohol and drugs – Operating as a Valet while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

●     Discrimination or harassment – ValetPress is committed to providing a platform free from discrimination and harassment and therefore prohibits discrimination and harassment by or directed at Valets, merchants, customers or ValetPress employees because of race, color, sex, gender, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, age, profession or any basis protected by federal, state or local law.

●     Unsafe driving and biking – Exhibiting objectively unsafe conduct during transportation, including texting and driving, not pulling over before examining or accepting a delivery opportunity, and failing to be conscientious while using navigation apps. ValetPress evaluates Valets involved in accidents for potential deactivation, depending on all relevant facts and circumstances.

●     Failure to comply with the law or use of the platform for any criminal activity – Violating any local, state or federal law while using the ValetPress platform, including any applicable criminal or traffic laws. This includes but is not limited to theft of the goods meant to be delivered, damage to or theft of any third party property, failure to properly check customer ID for age-restricted orders, and use of the platform to engage in or assist with any potentially criminal activity.

●     Failure to pass a background check – Failing to meet ValetPress’s background check criteria is grounds for being denied access to the ValetPress platform or account deactivation if you have already accessed the platform.

●     Disclosing personal information without authorization – Our community values personal privacy. Personal information may be used only for purposes of completing a delivery and may not be posted online or otherwise shared with any third party, except as may be legally required.


Much of the ValetPress platform rests on minimum business standards of integrity and fair dealing. We trust Valets to use the app honestly and with integrity. Accounts of Valets that abuse our services or engage in fraud will be deactivated. Examples of abuse and fraud include, but are not limited to:

●     Manipulating the referrals system or promotions – Gaming or manipulating the consumer referral program, the Valet referral program, Valet pay promotions or other similar types of programs..

●     Providing information that is fraudulent or inaccurate – Misrepresenting information during signup, giving false information to the support team during dashes, creating multiple accounts for the same individual or failing to accurately identify the mode of transportation being used to perform dashes.

●     Tampering with deliveries or failing to maintain standards – Opening, using, consuming, or tampering with a delivery or customer order.


Violation of any of the terms of the Independent Contractor Agreement that you agreed to in order to create an account on the ValetPress platform will serve as a valid basis for deactivation from the platform. This includes but is not limited to:

●     Marking a delivery complete when you did not complete it – Completion of a delivery is made by providing the goods directly to the customer. If the customer is not available, you agree that the delivery will be considered complete only if you both (i) make reasonable efforts to contact the customer and wait a reasonable time for the customer to accept the delivery by following the “Can’t find the customer” flow in-app where available, and (ii) either leave the goods at the customer location or return the goods if a return is required for a given delivery (If uncertain use the app chat support feature to communicate with a dispatcher to determine the delivery requirements ). Under no circumstances may Valets take the goods that they agreed to deliver. 

●     Failing to Make Timely or Safe Deliveries: You agree to retrieve the orders from Dry Cleaners or other businesses on time and safely, ensure the order was accurately filled, and complete delivery of the orders to consumers in a safe and timely fashion. Similarly, if you have also agreed to perform an additional task in connection with an order, you agree to complete that additional task in the same safe, timely and professional manner. Failure to do so could result in deactivation of your account.