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Your Reliable & High Quality Service for All of Your Business Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Apparel Needs


Hotels, Resorts, Retirement Homes, Motels and Lodging


Hospitals, Urgent Care, Dentists, Private Practices, Clinics Etc.


Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Country Clubs, Nightclubs, Etc.


Automotive, Industrial, Drivers, Food Processing, Government, and More


Towels, Bedding, Specialty Linens, Napkins, Tablecloths, Etc.


What We Offer

Wash & Fold

We’ll take the hassle out of caring for your everyday wash & wear garments. We Pickup and Deliver for your convenience

Laundry Clea
Dry Cleaning

When you need garments clean and pressed with a polished crisp look, then dry-cleaning is your ideal solution.

Business Apparel

The right business apparel sends the message to your customers that your company & team is professional

A Fresh New Service

How It Works

Create an Account

Set your service & billing preferences, a Valet will be on their way.

Schedule Service

Flexible on-demand or recurring pickup and delivery service.

Pickup & Delivery

Picked up, handled, and delivered with exceptional customer service.

Better Service. Better Value

Why Choose Valetpress

We make managed laundry service simple, convenient, and reliable for companies with uniform & laundry needs.

Our mission is to enable any business with laundry service requirements to experience the same online ease as when they’re ordering food or scheduling a ride.

With just a few clicks our customers can schedule, track & manage their service from anywhere, anytime. It’s power at your fingertips.

Let's Work Together

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Become a Valet

Work around your schedule and earn Tips driving for Valetpress

For Cleaners

Valetpress can bring you more Business and Convenience 

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